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Camilo Palacio
About The Founders:
Camilo Palacio is a successful business owner and real estate investor who is passionate about helping motivated people create financial freedom so they have time to create and live the life they’ve always wanted. The owner of Cash Flow Properties™ and the Creator of Cash Flow Properties Academy™, Camilo is committed to helping his clients experience life on their own terms through real estate wealth building strategies. In the past six years, he has helped hundreds of people find lucrative real estate opportunities in South Florida, has closed over four hundred transactions and guided others to create monthly passive income and huge profits through rental properties and rehab/flip properties.

Michelle Páez
Michelle Páez is the Founder and CEO of Spark Properties, a real estate investment company. Determined to create a financial situation where cash flow was consistent and passive income regularly occurred, she entered the world of real estate and became financially free before the age of thirty. Having the experience of hundreds of wholesale transactions, rehab properties and owning rental properties that produce monthly positive cash flow and passive income, she now helps her clients to create the same real estate path to freedom and wealth. Along with her husband, Camilo Palacio, Michelle helped create Cash Flow Properties Academy™ which hosts the Mission to Freedom Game™ and online programs such as the Cash Maker Program™, Hard Hats Strategies™ and Mission to Freedom™. Through these innovative programs and her book CashFlowpreneur, Michelle teaches others the specifics of real estate investing, including fixing, renting, flipping and selling properties wholesale.
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